Underground Residential water systems Xerxes

Xerxes Residential Underground Water Tanks

Xerxes underground water tanks are NSF 61 certified, listed and labeled for potable drinking water. The industry-leading underground water storage tank optimizes property use and aesthetics as well as addresses weather considerations. Xerxes projects include a 30-year limited warranty for internal corrosion. Project applications include rainwater harvesting, chiller unit condensation collection, greywater recycling systems, storm water retention as well as for complete residential water storage systems.


The fiberglass structure of Xerxes is BPA-free as well as listed by NSF for potable water storage tanks.

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Xerxes Example Technical Specifications

Xerxes underground potable tanks have been submitted for third-party lab testing as well as the manufacturing facilities have been inspected by NSF. This detailed evaluation and testing enable Xerxes tanks to be certified for compliance with NSF Standard 61 for drinking water with a verified labeling for the completed tank.

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Maui water storage underground tanks

Underground Xerxes Tanks in the Kauloa Hawaii Regional Park

Watertight Xerxes Design

Xerxes underground water tanks structural design is rated for traffic load conditions as well as many weather conditions. Xerxes reinforced fiberglass tanks are manufactured with high-quality resin and glass. The underground water tanks have a unique integral rib design, reinforcing the structural integrity while maintaining a reasonable weight.


This cross-section of a Xerxes tank wall shows the encased rib shape that is then encased with another wall on the other side for optimal structural strength.