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Xerxes Accessories

Custom Xerxes Tanks


Xerxes wide selection of tank accessories and fittings can be specified for complex site configurations to simple water storage solutions. Xerxes fiberglass tanks are custom made to order with a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Typical configuration comes with a variety of options including fill, overflow tubes, manholes, lids, a ladder, flanges, deadmen anchors, and tie-downs as well as threaded fittings for the application.We offer everything for Xerxes water applications including the following.

Single or Double Wall

Xerxes can provide single-wall or double wall fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), single-wall is shown in this engineering drawing.

Xerxes Deadman System

The Xerxes-supplied prefabricated deadmen are pre-engineered and sized based on the tank with galvanized adjustable anchor points.

Manway Options

Xerxes manway options include (22-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch in diameter) with extensions with variable length based on the needs of the project. All Xerxes tanks require at least one manway with the necessary safety equipment in place for inspections and cleaning.

Manway Extensions

Optional Xerxes manway extensions are required to be made of the same FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic and manufacturing standards.

NSF Approved FRP Ladders

Optional FRP ladders that are NSF approved, manufactured by Xerxes, are supplied based on the project needs and the size of the tank.

4`` NPT Service Fitting

Each interstitial space monitor fitting requires a 4” NPT fitting that is included with optional fittings based on the application.

6`` NSF Approved Tangential Nozzle

All FRP nozzles are required to be flat-faced, flanged (as well as gusseted when needed), and conform to ANSI B16.5 150# bolting pattern.

6`` NSF Approved Tangential Full Bottom Drain Nozzle

Drain nozzles are required to be manufactured to NSF standards for approval by Xerxes.

4`` Vent Pipe with Gooseneck and Bug Screen

All Xerxes tanks must be vented to prevent damage from excess pressure or vacuum that can occur. There are two standard vent styles that both have bird screens, the common gooseneck vent, and the mushroom vent.

4`` Auxiliary Fill with Cam Lock Connection

Xerxes offers different sizes and applications of auxiliary fill pipes, the one in the general arrangement has a 4” diameter with a Cam Lock Connection.

Xerxes Water Storage for Fire Protection


Xerxes fire protection tanks can be the standby supply to supplement the existing water supply or for a dry hydrant design. Xerxes underground and aboveground corrosion-resistant fire protection tanks are used across the world. With firefighting adapters and accessories, Xerxes tank systems can be configured for your local fire authority requirements.


Below is a slideshow of seven, 10-foot diameter Xerxes tanks as part of this project’s fire suppression system. The tank system is designed to hold up to 264,172-gallons of water for emergency fire suppression.


The system feeds eight separate hydrants through a fire loop. In addition, separate tanks will be used for potable water holding system and a septic holding tank.


The Advantages of Xerxes Fire Protection

Fiberglass Tank Walls

Fiberglass fire protection tanks provide a corrosion free, watertight, long-lasting solution for your water storage needs. Burying a fiberglass fire protection tank eliminates vandalism and freezing concerns.

Xerxes fire protection

Fully Customizable

The fiberglass tank are fully customizable with options such as ladders, anti vortex plates, dip tubes etc.

Xerxes aboveground fire protection tanks

Available in Underground and Aboveground Models

Xerxes underground fiberglass fire protection tanks are corrosion-resistant custom built per project needs for residential and commercial applications.

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