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Water Systems for a 

Sustainable Future


Providing the best in sustainable water systems, Watermark h2o is located in Santa Cruz, California.


We arrange everything needed to safely store water with Pioneer Water Tanks, including permitting and compliance needs.


Let Watermark be your expert guide for your next water project.

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Engineered to Outlast, Always Ready for Use

  • Pioneer Water Tanks are made of Zincalume® steel that has been proven to withstand fire immersion and resist corrosion, ensuring the safety of your water supply in even the worst emergencies.

  • The amount of water that the tank needs to store is dependent on the county fire authority fire flow requirements. Fire flow requirements specify the amount of water needed to adequately provide fire protection.

  • A valved connection on a water system must have at least one 2-1/2 inch outlet with male American National Fire Hose Screw Threads (NH) used to supply fire apparatus and hose with water. Exact outlet sizes are based on the local fire authority and or department who will need to use it.

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