Water Self Reliance in Current Water Crisis

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The threat to the availability of clean drinking water continues to grow as public pressure grows for innovative solutions to reverse this continuing trend. With such public disasters to public water systems such as the Flint, Michigan lead water crisis and the Corpus Christi, Texas chemical contamination accident – having a public water system available for a household doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have access to clean water.

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable water solution that when stored properly, can provide a water source for an entire household or even in some cases, for an entire business or farm. Typical rainwater harvesting systems include a collection process, a storage container of some sort along with a pump and or piping system for usage of the water. Acer Water Tanks CEO Jeremy DeLost has developed a one tank solution to encompass all of these functions that ship in one box – the Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank.

With this one-tank solution, you can collect, filter and store rainwater safely for long-term use. The patented commercial grade Flex-Roof uses a high tensile strength mesh to filter rainwater into an internal gutter system that then collects in the NSF 61 certified, BPA free Aqualiner, a warranty backed tank liner that is known to be the best in the industry.

The Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank can be installed in one day by the end user or by any of our authorized dealers, located across North America. Once installed, the WaterHarvest tank is ready for rainwater harvesting and safe long term water storage to ensure that you can rely on your water supply. Get started today with a quote and or learn more: Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank.

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