Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | August 1, 2016
The Real Winners of 2016: Anyone Who is Rainwater Harvesting

Anyone who has been harvesting rain on the coast of California has already had a great year. This year’s El Niño has brought in more rainfall compared to 2015, improving...

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Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | July 29, 2016
Large Rainwater Harvesting System Eases Water Scarcity in Kenya

  By Justus WanzalaReprint |      African Water Bank technicians put the final touches on a water storage tank at a homestead in the Duka Moja area of Narok...

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Posted by Ashlea Keith | June 30, 2016
Is California’s Deep Groundwater Worth Retrieving?

In its fifth year of drought, California desperately needs water. Research by scientists from Stanford University claims that the state has plenty of previously unaccounted for groundwater … it’s just...

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Posted by Ashlea Keith | June 27, 2016
California Water Saving Efforts May Decline

As California enters its fifth year of serious drought, the severe water rationing program that drove urban residents to cut back on water use by 24 percent is changing course....

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Posted by Ashlea Keith | June 13, 2016
California Trees Suffer in State’s Extended Drought

California’s extended drought is taking a big toll on the state’s forests, according to a recent study. The National Academy of Sciences reports that years of little or no rain...

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Posted by Ashlea Keith | June 9, 2016
California Water Conservation Saves Energy, Study Reports

A new study published by UC Davis finds that reduction in California water use has saved significant amounts of electricity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The analysis comes from statistics...

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Posted by Ashlea Keith | May 18, 2016
Some Texas State Living Centers Have Flint-Level Lead in Water

Water tests at State Supported Living Centers in several Texas cities has revealed toxic lead rivaling the amount found in the water system in Flint, Michigan. Read more.

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Posted by Ashlea Keith | May 17, 2016
Not Just Flint: California Town Has Arsenic-Tainted Water

Kettleman City, a town in the Central Valley near Los Angeles, has suffered from tainted city water for decades. Every other week, a truck delivers 30 gallons of drinking water...

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Posted by Ashlea Keith | April 4, 2016
Nut Farm Leaves California for Arizona, Causing Water Concerns There

A nut farm is moving from California to Arizona to raise almonds and other nuts, raising concerns about whether it will deplete water supplies in Mohave County. The farm's owners...

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