New Braunfels Texas Rainwater rebates with Rainwater Systems Inc
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | July 6, 2017
New Braunfels Texas Rainwater Rebates

New Braunfels is home to two rivers running throughout the beautiful town, the Comal and the Guadalupe. Frequent flooding attributed to more urbanization in the town has made stormwater management...

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Tanks Alot Pioneer Sale
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | July 6, 2017
Tanks Alot Pioneer Water Storage Tank Sale

Tanks Alot in Texas are offering Pioneer Water Tanks XL 23/02 models at the lowest prices offered for 30,000 gallon tanks yet. The starting price of $13,400 will only last as...

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Livestock water tanks rainwater tanks
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | June 15, 2017
Rainwater Harvesting for Livestock in Texas

Water decides many factors for the livestock industry. Without stock water on hand, the amount of rangeland that can be used is decided by how much water can be hauled...

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Real Goods Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | June 1, 2017
Pioneer WaterHarvest Tanks are Now at Real Goods

The newest innovation to rainwater systems, the Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank, can now be found at retailer Real Goods Off-Grid Living. This all-in-one solution can be sent to your house in...

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Fire Protection Pioneer Water Tanks firefighting adapters
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | April 18, 2017
Water for Fire Protection in California

Rural and unincorporated areas within California face issues surrounding the ongoing water crisis, including not having water access during a fire emergency. There have been a great loss of homes...

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Rainwater Calculator
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | February 14, 2017
Calculate Rainwater Catchment Area

Use the following tool to calculate your estimated square footage of your rooftop. The "House Base Area" is the area of the land the house covers. This tool multiplies the...

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Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | February 13, 2017
Living Unit Equivalent LUE Calculator

Get started on your public water system or other water storage needs with the exerts at Acer Water Tanks. A living unit equivalent (LUE) is defined as the typical flow...

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Sonoma fire protection tanks
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | February 10, 2017
Sonoma County California Fire Protection Tank Requirements

Sonoma County, California Department of Emergency Services, the Fire Prevention Division has three full time and three part-time employees that manage permitting and inspections for fire protection tanks. Having a...

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TCEQ water storage tank requirements for Texas
Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | February 9, 2017
TCEQ Public Water Systems Water Storage Tank Requirements

Pioneer Water Tanks meet requirements for water storage tanks in public water systems in Texas as delegated by TCEQ, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality. Talk with the experts at...

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