Municipal Water Storage Tank Built in Granbury, Texas Subdivision

Texas water tanks
Water conservation in Texas begins at home and ends with TCEQ, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. A TCEQ approved and required municipal water storage tank for the Laguna Tres Estates subdivision in Granbury, Texas was recently completed on site that supplies every household there with potable water backup storage.

The new 130,000 gallon Pioneer® Water Tank that fulfills this TCEQ compliance is guaranteed to last longer than the galvanized tank it’s replacing. The former water tank had eroded and rusted with time as well as exposure to water. The newly installed Pioneer® Tank however is made of Zincalume®with a duplex barrier protection and magnesium anodes buried underneath to draw corrosion away from the tank, ensuring it will last for years to come.
The installation of the tank is a collaboration between ARainDance Construction, Acer Water Tanks and Pioneer®Water Tanks. The municipal water tank was installed using Pioneer’s proprietary jacking system, building from the top of the tank down while raising it with pulleys. The jacking system is used in favor over the standard crane and pulley system since it is more cost efficient.
The families in Laguna Tres Estates now have 130,000 gallons of water on reserve with this TCEQ approved water tank installation, the start of water conservation at home.