Tanks Alot Pioneer Water Storage Tank Sale

Tanks Alot Pioneer Sale

Tanks Alot in Texas are offering Pioneer Water Tanks XL 23/02 models at the lowest prices offered for 30,000-gallon tanks yet. The starting price of $13,400 will only last as long as this particular model is in stock and then the regular cost-efficient price will be offered once again.

This sale price on the XL23/02 Pioneer Water Tank includes the tank itself, the Aqualiner tank liner, one filter basket, one ladder, one access hatch, one 2” outlet, one 6” diameter overflow pipe as well as the complete installation itself. The Pioneer Water Tank and tank liner are both warrantied for 20 years with the tank liner having a 65-year lifespan, according to the manufacturer Bartlett.

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Take advantage of this sale now to invest in the longest-lasting water storage solution on the market. Pioneer Water Tanks are bolted Zincalume®, tested, and proven to outlast galvanized tanks by 200% according to BlueScope Steel studies.

Delivery is also included but with site locations 150 miles or more outside of San Marcos, Texas mileage costs may incur. Tanks Alot have several locations throughout Texas with accredited, authorized installation crews that can travel throughout for projects.

Tanks Alot Texas water tank sale

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