Solar Living Institute and Real Goods in Hopland California

Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | March 28, 2018 | California

What began as a hand-drawn magazine for off-grid goods has grown to be a destination of sustainable inspiration with 12 acres of innovations. The Solar Living Center and Real Goods Store are voted and noted as a rest stop, a brilliant green oasis and as the first retail seller of solar panels. Even this can’t cover the amount of off-grid living possibilities that are explored throughout the property, the place even offers free camping.


Stepping into Solar Living opens the door to all of the sustainable possibilities. The Center explores natural building including alternative materials and tiny homes. The cob ovens and tiny homes are built right on the property.


The Center employs interns and holds workshops for the whole Mendocino County. Some of the interns even stay on the property in the Intern Village that utilizes the systems based on permaculture principles. See All of the Events:


Rainwater is collected with a few systems, including with a Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank. The Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank is the first all-in-one system that collects, filters and stores rainwater. The WaterHarvest Tank uses a thousand-count mesh ring on the roof to collect rain as it falls into the internal gutter system. The water is then stored within the BPA-free tank liner that is NSF-61 certified for drinking water.


The electricity for the place is sourced with solar panels that are designed with aesthetics in mind as well as optimizing the placement. The systems in place serve a distinct purpose while being an educational tool.

The Pioneer WaterHarvest is offered in four models:





Real Goods Link

XLF 04/2

11′ 0″

8′ 2″

4,990 gallons

 Buy Now

XLF 08/2

15′ 5′

8′ 6″

9,907 gallons

 Buy Now

XLF 13/2

19′ 9″

8′ 11″

16,392 gallons

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XLF 15/2

22′ 0″

9′ 1″

20,243 gallons

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Inside of the main building, the Center offers proven off-grid living products as well as some fun toys for kids. They keep a bee colony that can be looked into as the bees produce their honeycomb.


The Solar Living Center and Real Goods Store represent the sustainable culture of Mendocino County as well as being a place for resources. Make sure to stop on by, off of Highway 101 in Hopland, California.

We offer large capacity rainwater storage tanks that outlast all other options. All Pioneer Water Tanks include the Aqualiner, tank liner that is BPA-Free and NSF/ANSI 61 certified for potable water storage.

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