Referral Rewards Program

Are you satisfied with your Pioneer Water Tank purchase? Refer your friends and you’ll each earn money in the process!

Acer Water Tanks is pleased to extend a special offer to purchasers of Pioneer tanks in our U.S.A. network. For any customer that you refer to one of our Authorized Dealers, we’ll pay you a Referral Reward of $500.00 upon that customer’s purchase of a Pioneer water tank.

On top of that, we’ll also reward your referral customer with $250.00 just for claiming their purchase. The best part? There’s no limit to the number of Referral Rewards you may receive!*



Example of the Referral Rewards Program certificate:

Register Your Referral Rewards Pin

Are you registering your new purchase or are you registering your referred rewards pin?
Registering New PurchaseRegistering Referral Pin

Terms and Conditions

*Subject to the Following Terms and conditions:

In order to claim your referral rewards rebates, both you and your referral customer must register the purchase PIN online.

Referral reward rebate checks will not be issued until a referral purchase has been properly registered and verified by Acer Water Tanks Inc.

Once referral purchase has been verified, please allow up to 60 days from verification for the Referral rebate check to be processed.


Earn Rebates with Referrals:

Share your PIN with as many of your friends as you like, and tell them how much you love your Pioneer tank! When your referral makes a purchase, instruct them to use the Referral Rewards PIN to claim their purchase online at rebates, both you and your referral customer must register the purchase PIN online.

Upon verification of your referral’s purchase, Acer Water Tanks will issue a Referral Reward of $500.00 to you, and your referral customer will also get a $250.00 Referral Reward.

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