Rebuilding Napa County Fire Protection

Fire Protection Water Systems as a residential water storage and supply system.


Structures that were destroyed by fire need to submit rebuilding plans that indicate the set location of the municipal fire water/ hydrant supply. If the building is not within a half of a mile by road, from the building it is serving, then a water system is required.


1. Water storage is required for fire protection (fire flow) in addition to domestic use. Some rebuild sits may be able to use swimming pools and ponds, when approved.


2. Fire sprinkler systems need adequate water storage, in addition to the amount required for fire flow.


3. Fire flow water storage needs to be a minimum of 2,500-gallons for a single-family residence that is less than 6,000 square feet. Required capacities go up based on occupancy, location and the size of the building.


4. Water storage needs to be delivered by either a wet draft hydrant or a pressurized hydrant.


5. Wet Draft Hydrant system piping needs to be a minimum of 4” with either a C-907, CPVC or ductile iron pipe. The pipe riser needs to be ductile iron with a minimum 4” gate valve and a 4.5” national hose male outlet with cap and a 2.5” national hose reducer attached. The wet draft hydrant outlet must be within 24” to 36” above finished grade.


6. Wet Draft  Hydrants need to be painted red with 1” white letters posted on the outside that reads,”WET DRAFT”.


7. Hydrants need to be located no closer than 40 feet and no further than 150 feet from the building.


8. The hydrant needs to be located in the center of a turnout area of a driveway and needs to be within 5 feet of the driveway edge. The fire hydrant turnout location needs to be established in an area separate from the fire apparatus turnaround. The fire hydrant turnout area is for fire apparatus to be parked during drafting operations and shouldn’t interfere with the fire department’s access.


9. Hydrants need to have vehicle impact protection where required.


10. All residential structures destroyed by fire are required to have fire sprinklers to rebuild, based on NFPA standards.


See the official Napa County Residential Rebuilding Guide Here.

We provide water storage for fire protection systems with a full range of NFPA-approved firefighting adapters and nozzles. Our fire protection systems are ready for delivery and are installed on-site.


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    • Pioneer fire-protection tanks comply with NFPA National Fire Protection Association standards, as required by California and Napa County Fire Code, for fire-water storage. Fire protection packages come with a complete set of engineer-approved drawings.

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