Rebuilding in Mendocino County

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Rebuilding in Mendocino County

Rebuilding Starts with Permitting


Rebuilding in Mendocino County starts with getting the proper permits for the property after an emergency. Under Public Resources Code 4290, if a specified development takes place on State Responsibility Areas, it’s mandated by law to apply to Cal Fire authority for the area. Cal Fire reviews applications to see if the development meets Fire Safe Regulations and comes up with requirements for developments that don’t meet the criteria such as a supplemental water supply.


What Happens Next?


Once your application with Cal Fire is approved, you must comply with the requirements of the Preliminary Clearance during the construction and operation of the project. Once the project has been constructed, but prior to occupancy or use, you must pass the Final Inspection to obtain t he Occupancy Permit.


Steps to Applying for Building Permit to Rebuild in Mendocino County


1. Preliminary Clearance

Complete a Fire Safe Regulations Application (link) and submit it to the local Cal Fire.


2. Project Coordinator Review

The coordinator may need to review the site in person, they fill out the Preliminary Clearance Checklist (learn more) with Fire Standards that apply.


3. Final Inspection

Once the project has been constructed, a Final Inspection (link) is required for the Occupancy Permit (more information).


Cal Fire Preliminary Clearance may include emergency water supply specifications that are necessary to obtain the Occupancy Permit. These can include supplementing the existing water supply (fire flow) or creating a water supply where utility water hookups are not yet available. Pioneer Water Tanks are approved for use in California for supplemental water, fire protection, drinking water and more.


One technical guide of a Pioneer Water Tank fire protection system with all of the firefighting options available. We design projects to your needs.

We offer Pioneer Water Tanks, approved for use in California for fire protection and drinking water systems.

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