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Rainwater Systems, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to make your system efficient and cost effective to maintain. 


Providing Pioneer Water Tanks, the longest-lasting BPA-free water storage tank on the market, we include everything from the delivery to the installation with a warranty.


Talk with the experts at Rainwater Systems Inc. about your needs and see what we can do for you!

Completely BPA-Free

Pioneer Water Tanks protect your water within the Aqualiner tank liner, BPA-free and third party NSF/ANSI 61 certified for potable water storage.

Everything is Included

Rainwater Systems Inc provides water systems design, delivery, and installations with a warranty included.

NFPA Firefighting Adapters

Optional firefighting adapters and nozzles are engineered to NFPA requirements for fire protection water storage.

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Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameterHeight
XLR 044,99011′ 0″7′ 2″
XLR 089,90715′ 5″7′ 2″
XLR 1316,39219′ 9″7′ 2″
XLR 1520,24322′ 0″7′ 2″
XLR 2329,09326′ 4″7′ 2″
XLR 3039,62630′ 9″7′ 2″
XLR 4051,78535′ 2″7′ 2″
XLR 5065,56739′ 6″7′ 2″

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Meet Rainwater Systems Inc.

Rainwater Systems Inc Barry Wall Texas

Owner of Rainwater Systems Inc, Barry Wall is an accredited ARCSA expert in rainwater harvesting as well as experienced in drinking water systems. Rainwater collection is our passion, and we donate time to educational efforts regarding water conservation. With our background in Biology and a lifetime of experience, we bring you hands-on services that meet your every need. We are dedicated to designing and creating a water system to fit your needs.


In addition to residential and commercial water systems, we also offer designs and install remote rainwater systems to augment livestock and wildlife; as well as cabins with inaccessible surface water.


Potable drinking water and remote watering systems save money while going green with a custom rainwater catchment system from Rainwater Systems, Inc. Backed by a lifetime of experience, we will design, build, and install complete water systems for both potable and non-potable water.

Water Resources

The Aqualiner® Advantage

The Aqualiner® is the best liner in the water tank industry, hands-down. Unlike the liners in most water tanks, the Aqualiner® is made from a reinforced fabric with a woven center layer for strength and durability.

Pioneer Water Tanks Aqualiner tank liner

Although the liner is hidden from sight and often doesn’t get noticed unless there is a problem, we feel that it is perhaps the most important part of the tank which is why only Aqualiner® membranes are used in Pioneer® tanks.

A clear polyethylene film coats both sides of the water tank liner, giving the product NSF 61 approval for the storage of drinking water. The Aqualiner® is well-known for not imparting any taste or smell in the water, so when the quality of your water is paramount, choose Aqualiner®.

Made with Zincalume® Steel with Activate ™ Technology

Only the highest quality Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel is used in Pioneer® Water Tanks, providing unmatched durability that no other tank manufacturer can offer- that’s why Pioneer® Tanks last longer than any other brand.

Next generation Zincalume® Steel’s patented Activate™ technology introduces magnesium into the aluminum-zinc alloy coating, improving galvanic protection by activating the aluminum. The result is a tougher protective coating that’s more resistant to scratches and scuffs encountered during construction. Proven to outlast galvanized tanks by 200%, according to BlueScope Steel studies, Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to exceed. With a standard lifetime of 20 – 25 years, Pioneer Water Tanks include magnesium anodes that are buried underneath the tank to take on corrosion. When these magnesium anodes are replaced every 10 years, the protection continues as corrosion is kept away from the water supply.

Residential Pioneer Technical Specifications

Commercial Technical Specifications

WaterHarvest rainwater water tank

Pioneer Technical Specifications

Customer Referral Program

Acer Water Tanks’ Customer Referral Rewards Program is offered for every North American purchase of a Pioneer Water Tank to the original purchaser. Our Referral Rewards PIN can be found on the certificate in the warranty package mailed to you by Acer, an example can be found below.


Eligible customers may receive a referral rebate of $500 when they recommend a Pioneer® Water Tank to family and friends, and they purchase a tank using your Referral Rewards PIN.


On top of the referral rebate, we also give a $250 rebate to any referred customer that uses a registered Referral Rewards PIN with their purchase. There is no limit to the number of referral rebates that qualified customers can receive; however, there are terms and conditions*.

*Subject to the Following Terms and conditions:


In order to claim your referral rebates, both you and your referral customer must register the purchase PIN online.


Referral rebate checks will not be issued until a referral purchase has been properly registered and verified by Acer Water Tanks Inc.


Once referral purchase has been verified, please allow up to 60 days from verification for the Referral rebate check to be processed.


Earn Rebates with Referrals:


Share your PIN with as many of your friends as you like, and tell them how much you love your Pioneer tank! When your referral makes a purchase, instruct them to use the Referral Rewards PIN to claim their purchase online at rebates, both you and your referral customer must register the purchase PIN online.


Upon verification of your referral’s purchase, Acer Water Tanks will issue a Referral Reward of $500.00 to you, and your referral customer will also get a $250.00 Referral Reward.

Pioneer® Fire Protection

Pioneer® Water Tanks are engineered as the top choice for fire protection water tanks that follow NFPA fire requirements. Pioneer Water Tanks provide a reliable source of water will help keep your property safe and will allow firefighters to have access to a steady water source in case of emergencies. Pioneer Water Tanks have been the resource to fight fires in Australia for over 27 years and now are becoming the gold-standard in fire protection across the world. Learn More

Fire protection fire flow water tanks Pioneer tanks

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