Rainwater Revival

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Rainwater Revival 2017

Acer Water Tanks is excited for the upcoming Rainwater Revival, held in Dripping Springs, Texas on November 5. This year, we will be showcasing the newest innovation in rainwater harvesting – the Pioneer® WaterHarvest Tank.

The first water tank that can Collect, Filter and Store rainwater, the Pioneer® WaterHarvest Tank comes ready for installation. Now anyone can harvest rainwater, anywhere, anytime it’s raining. The WaterHarvest Tank collects water right off of the tank’s roof. No need for extensive guttering, piping and pump systems to convey water to the tank. As soon as the WaterHarvest Tank is built, it’s ready to harvest rain.

The patented flex fabric roof system is engineered from the highest quality materials and is UV stabilized to provide year after year of reliable service. When designing this new product, we insisted on using only the best available textiles and construction methods to match the overall quality that Pioneer® tanks are known for around the world.

Product inventor and Acer Water Tanks CEO, Jeremy Delost, designed and prototyped a flexible roof made of high-grade textile fabric. By replacing the steel roof trusses and roof panels, which add significant weight and bulk to the overall shipment, with a foldable flex roof, the size and weight of the shipments could be significantly reduced. In today’s “pop-up” world, products that are smaller, faster and lighter are gaining market share. The Pioneer® WaterHarvest Tank embraces this trend as we have reduced product weight, shipping cost and shipping dimensions by over 50% each. Now we can ship farther, faster and cheaper than any other tank on the market.

Come REthink rainwater with us at Rainwater Revival!


Rainwater Revival water


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