Rainwater for Fire Protection System at Custom Gun Creations

Posted by jessicaacerwatertanks | December 21, 2017 | Fire Protection, Texas
Tanks Alot rainwater system for fire protection


Along the Guadalupe River in Comfort, Texas there is a local business, Custom Gun Creations, that needed water storage for fire protection. Often in rural areas, there isn’t enough water pressure available that is adequate for firefighting (measured as fire flow).


The inventive business went with another local company, Tanks Alot, based out of Boerne, Texas with a wide service area. With many options to choose from, Custom Gun Creations choose the most cost-effective and sustainable way to provide water storage in case of fire emergencies.


Tanks Alot Boerne Texas fire protection system



The water source for the fire protection system is rainwater, harvested off of the existing building roof. The rainwater is conveyed from a piping system from the gutters to the 16,392-gallon capacity Pioneer Water Tank below. See more information about Pioneer Fire Protection Systems. Rainwater systems are sales tax-free in Texas. With firefighting adapters on the tank, manufactured to NFPA standards for firefighting nozzles, the water tank is ready to provide adequate pressure to fight fires.


On top of the renewable rainwater source, the pump for the system is powered by a solar panel. This cuts the cost of electricity to run the pump as well as provides a backup battery source for the pump.


The fire protection project, managed by Tanks Alot, is approved by the local fire authority for water storage for firefighting. The system is designed to be low-maintenance with an aesthetic that matches the metal building for Custom Gun Creations. Rainwater systems for fire protection help cut costs as well as utility water use. If you are in need of water storage, Tanks Alot can provide a quote for your system needs at (830) 331-7330 or online at http://acerwatertanks.com/tanks-alot/

Tanks Alot offers large capacity rainwater storage tanks that outlast all other options. All Pioneer Water Tanks include the Aqualiner, tank liner that is BPA-Free and NSF/ANSI 61 certified for potable water storage. We help with permitting!

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