Pioneer WaterHarvest Tanks are Now at Real Goods

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Real Goods Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank

The newest innovation to rainwater systems, the Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank, can now be found at retailer Real Goods Off-Grid Living. This all-in-one solution can be sent to your house in a crate and can be installed at a basic skill level or we can offer an authorized experienced installation crew for your tank. With the patented, industrial-strength Flex-Roof, the WaterHarvest Tank can be set up in a half of day and be ready for rain. The rain falls onto the roof and into the thousand count mesh filter that forms a ring on the roof, the rain then falls into the internal gutter system that provides the last layer until it is stored within the liner.

The Pioneer WaterHarvest Storage Tank does not arrive assembled; you’ll assemble it at your site. The easy install along with its foldable, flexible roof that replaces the steel roof trusses and panels used in other water storage tanks – greatly reduces shipping dimensions and weight, and helps keep the cost per gallon of water stored very low – for just $0.71 per gallon of water storage!

  • Cannot be used in locations that may get more than 2″ of snow at a time. Call 800-919-2400 for the tank that’s right for you.

  • Please note that if a forklift or tractor is not available at your site when the Pioneer is delivered, the delivery truck’s lift gate may be required, and that this may incur a surcharge.

The Pioneer WaterHarvest is offered in four models:





Real Goods Link

XLF 04/2

11′ 0″

8′ 2″

4,990 gallons

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XLF 08/2

15′ 5′

8′ 6″

9,907 gallons

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XLF 13/2

19′ 9″

8′ 11″

16,392 gallons

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XLF 15/2

22′ 0″

9′ 1″

20,243 gallons

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The Real Goods Store is located within Mendocino County, proudly housed in the world’s largest straw bale showroom. A Pioneer WaterHarvest Tank is on site to showcase this innovative system if you are located locally, it can be seen in person. The amazing 5,000 square foot space is passively cooled and heated, demonstrating the most effective techniques in sustainable design. The store sits at the center of the 12-acre Solar Living Center (SLC), a brilliant green oasis alongside Highway 101 that’s been voted the #1 rest stop in California. To learn more about Real Goods or to see how lush and rewarding a sustainable life can truly be, come visit us at the SLC – there’s lots to do!

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