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Ashlea Keith Acer Water Tanks

I love that our dealer network is comprised of independent businesses, large and small, that are professional and passionate about the work they do and are just as excited about Pioneer Water Tanks as we are.


The aspect of my job that I enjoy most is that I’m never doing the same thing from one day to the next. I get to do a little bit of everything, from planning inventory, implementing strategy and developing procedures, to laying out graphics and helping out in our warehouse.


Ashlea Keith

Acer Water Tanks, General Manager

Richard Dunfield Acer Water Tanks

I’m confident that we sell the best water storage tanks across the board for drinking water, fire protection, rainwater systems and more.


Acer Water Tanks dealer and installation network provides everything needed for a project to store water safely as the longest-lasting system for the application.


Richard Dunfield

Acer Water Tanks, Sales Manager

Jessica Huntington Acer Water Tanks

We provide distribution for industry-leading water solutions across North America with a goal of sustainability in mind.


Our water storage solutions are BPA-Free and third party, NSF tested and certified for mutliple applications.


Jessica Huntington

Acer Water Tanks, Marketing


WaterHarvest rainwater water tank

Pioneer Technical Specifications

Residential Pioneer Technical Specifications

Commercial Technical Specifications

Xerxes Example Technical Specifications

Our standard range of Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty where conditions are met. Commercial tanks are warrantied on a per-project basis.

Pioneer Water Tanks Warranty with Acer

See the entire warranty here

Customer Referral Program

Acer Water Tanks’ Customer Referral Rewards Program is offered for every North American purchase of a Pioneer Water Tank to the original purchaser. Our Referral Rewards PIN can be found on the certificate in the warranty package mailed to you by Acer, an example can be found below.


Eligible customers may receive a referral rebate of $500 when they recommend a Pioneer® Water Tank to family and friends, and they purchase a tank using your Referral Rewards PIN.


On top of the referral rebate, we also give a $250 rebate to any referred customer that uses a registered Referral Rewards PIN with their purchase. There is no limit to the number of referral rebates that qualified customers can receive; however, there are terms and conditions*.

*Subject to the Following Terms and conditions:


In order to claim your referral rebates, both you and your referral customer must register the purchase PIN online.


Referral rebate checks will not be issued until a referral purchase has been properly registered and verified by Acer Water Tanks Inc.


Once referral purchase has been verified, please allow up to 60 days from verification for the Referral rebate check to be processed.


Earn Rebates with Referrals:


Share your PIN with as many of your friends as you like, and tell them how much you love your Pioneer tank! When your referral makes a purchase, instruct them to use the Referral Rewards PIN to claim their purchase online at rebates, both you and your referral customer must register the purchase PIN online.


Upon verification of your referral’s purchase, Acer Water Tanks will issue a Referral Reward of $500.00 to you, and your referral customer will also get a $250.00 Referral Reward.

Cement Ring Beam Site Preparation, for Commercial and Fire Protection Applications

Each model of Pioneer Water Tank has an exact cement ring beam dimensions and details that are outlined in our engineering packages. At the time of your order, a specific ring beam drawing will be issued for the project requirements. It’s recommended that there is strict adherence to these specifications for the best performance of the tank.

Requirements Include:

  • Foundations conditions are adequate
  • Safe bearing capacity should equal or exceed 150kPa
  • The founding materials must be stable (i.e. landfill or active clay may be unsuitable)
  • Most sands and gravels that have been compacted to a reasonable level will be adequate, provided there’s soil beneath.
  • Before you start preparing your site for installation of your tank, Acer Water Tanks also recommends you contact your local authority to see what regulations or restrictions are in place.

Example of a cement ring beam for a Pioneer Water Tank model XL40/02 with a capacity of 51,785 gallons

Site preparation is very important. See table below for minimum sand requirements per tank.

  • Clean, inert sand free of rock and debris is required.
  • Tank pad must be level prior to construction.
  • No compacting of tank pad is required.
  • For sloping sites, please make sure adequate retaining and drainage is provided before and after completion of the tank.
  • Place an inert anti-erosion control around the base of the tank after construction.
  • The best method to ensure your sand pad is level is to use a transit level. Spirit levels, laser levels, and transit levels are all excellent tools to ensure a level pad.
  • If you have difficulties or do not understand, please contact your dealer or Acer Water Tanks Inc.
  • Sites out of level or not prepared correctly may be rejected or incur a charge to rectify.

Pioneer Water Tanks are designed for longevity with a few items of owner maintenance that continues the quality of water storage that is expected.

  • Every yearly quarter, the tank owner or their nominated contractor should do a visual inspection.
  • The optimal inspection time is prior to the first rains and every three months thereafter.
  • Ensure that the aggregate around the tank is dissipating the runoff water as it should be. If the sand base appears to be eroding, backfill the aggregate immediately and fill it around the tank wall. Continue to check the aggregate is dissipating the water runoff.

  • The tank perimeter needs to stay clear of vegetation with a suitable and safe vegetation deterrent.
  • Check for signs of leakage. If there are any signs of leakage, report immediately for efficient repair.
  • The roof should be kept clean of debris. Walking on the tank roof isn’t recommended, instead, use a long-handled or extendable broom to sweep leaves and debris from the tank roof.
  • Lift out the roof mounted filter basket and clean out the debris. When the cover is placed back in, ensure that the cover is placed correctly.
  • If the system has a rain diverter (if fitted),  unscrew the inspection cap to clean out the collected debris and replace the cap.
  • Check for evidence of pest/vermin activity in the area. Any sign of activity or damage needs to be attended to immediately. Liner damage caused by termites or vermin is not covered by the warranty. If it’s necessary, treat the perimeter of the tank with a suitable and safe pest/vermin deterrent, following the advice of a qualified professional.


  • The sacrificial magnesium anodes were buried underground, close to the tank. Electrolysis diverts corrosion to the magnesium that is a more reactive metal than the Zincalme steel tank walls. The magnesium anodes gradually corrode while leaving the tank walls intact.
  • These magnesium anodes have a 10-year life expectancy, that may be reduced in a more corrosive environment (such as coastal and industrial areas). The sacrificial anodes need to be replaced within the 10-year interval to meet the warranty conditions.
  • If there are signs of minor corrosion on the tank, immediately treat the affected area and paint over with zinc rich paint. If there is evidence of major corrosion, please contact Acer Water Tanks, Inc.
  • Anodes can be purchased for replacement with Acer Water Tanks, Inc or your local contractor with whom you made your initial purchase with.


  • Insert video of anode replacement.
  • Cleaning tank panels are recommended with a garden hose and a soft bristled brush.
    Hose the tank panels down and use the brush to remove any dust, grime and salt spray.
  • If the sand pad or aggregate is disturbed, it must be rectified immediately.
  • We recommend poly/PVC fittings and downpipes exposed to sunlight be
    painted with UV resistant paint to extend their lifespan.
  • Acer Water Tanks, Inc. does not recommend accessing the interior of the tank on your own. If your tank needs cleaning, engage a qualified tank cleaner or contact your local distributor. If the liner is accidentally damaged during cleaning, contact your local distributor to arrange repairs.
  • Insurance. Now is the time to contact your insurer to have your Pioneer water tank included in your home insurance policy.

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