Five Reasons Why Pioneer Water Tanks are BPA-Free

BPA free Pioneer Water Tanks drinking water storage

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1. BPA isn’t used in Pioneer Water Tanks because how it can affect people.


BPA is a chemical that’s typically used to harden plastics. In 2010 the FDA expressed concern about the potential effect of BPA on the brain, behavior as well as increasing the risk for cancer. Pioneer Water Tanks always use tank liners that don’t use this chemical for these very reasons.

2. Pioneer Water Tank liners are NSF 61 Certified.


The Aqualiner® and Industratex® tank liners used in Pioneer Water Tanks are both tested and certified by NSF to the potable drinking water standard NSF 61. This standard covers whether or not materials are safe for drinking water and certifies that liners aren’t made with toxic chemicals.

3. Pioneer Water Tank liners never leach into the water.


When water or food is stored in a material with BPA and it reaches a warmer temperature, the BPA chemical can seep or leach into the water or food that it contains. Pioneer Water Tank liners are made of BPA-free materials that never leach or seep into your water supply with the third party NSF certification to back it.

4. Quality doesn’t impart a taste into the water.


Along with the possibility of leaching, BPA water containers typically impart a plastic like taste. Pioneer Water Tanks use liners that never impart a taste to keep your water as clean as the day it first enters the tank.

5. Pioneer Water Tank liners are only made with quality materials.


The Aqualiner is made of five layers of BPA-free materials while the BPA-free Industratex is manufactured with three layers.

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