Calculate Rainwater Catchment Area

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Rainwater Calculator

Use the following tool to calculate your estimated square footage of your rooftop. The “House Base Area” is the area of the land the house covers. This tool multiplies the square footage of your house base area with the estimated roof pitch to get the estimated roof square footage. This then can be used to estimate how much rainwater can be collected off of the roof alone.

The majority of rainwater harvesting systems use the rooftop collection method to then store it in a water tank for use later. The surface area of the roof can be determined along with the average monthly rainfall to then estimate how much water your system can produce. There are many factors that can effect these calculations including what material your roof is made of, the slope of the area and the gutter system being used to then route it to your water storage tank. Talk with the experts about a rainwater harvesting system for your needs, Contact Acer Water Tanks.

Calculate the amount of rainwater that you could possibly collect, by month, with the tool below.

Calculate rainwater collection gallons




Talk with the experts about a rainwater harvesting system for your needs, Contact Acer Water Tanks.


The Texas Agri-Life Extension Rainwater Harvesting Guide

The ARCSA Guide on Calculating Rainwater Collection Surface Area

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