Posted by | March 28, 2018

What began as a hand-drawn magazine for off-grid goods has grown to be a destination of sustainable inspiration with 12 acres of innovations. The Solar Living Center and Real Goods...

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Posted by | March 14, 2018

Fire Protection Water Systems as a residential water storage and supply system.   Structures that were destroyed by fire need to submit rebuilding plans that indicate the set location of...

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Rebuilding in Mendocino County
Posted by | March 6, 2018

Rebuilding Starts with Permitting   Rebuilding in Mendocino County starts with getting the proper permits for the property after an emergency. Under Public Resources Code 4290, if a specified development...

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Posted by | February 27, 2018

  This week, we're celebrating the top ten states that encourage rainwater harvesting as a sustainable water source. From California to Hawai'i, state laws decide rainwater system design and use...

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Posted by | February 14, 2018

People often ask about the ROI, the Return of Investment for rainwater systems. The benefits of having a rainwater system extend beyond saving money on water in terms of ROI....

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Tanks Alot rainwater system for fire protection
Posted by | December 21, 2017

  Along the Guadalupe River in Comfort, Texas there is a local business, Custom Gun Creations, that needed water storage for fire protection. Often in rural areas, there isn’t enough...

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NFPA fire protection water storage tanks
Posted by | December 13, 2017

  The NFPA® 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection sets the minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of water tanks and their accessories. Chapter...

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What is rainwater harvesting
Posted by | December 12, 2017

  Rainwater harvesting is using a building rooftop to channel rainwater into storage for later use. The land that buildings have a foundation on is considered an impervious surface because...

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Rainwater first flush diverter system Tall Drink
Posted by | December 7, 2017

  Rainwater harvesting systems implement different ways to filter the water before and after it’s stored for later use. Local Spicewood, Texas company, Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting owner Zak Crosby...

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Water well calculator water well volume
Posted by | November 28, 2017

  Water well owners need to know how much water is available to them, especially when the property is first purchased or if something major has affected the well. The...

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