ARCSA Accredited Professional Workshop Set for Monterey, California

ARCSA and Monterey Peninsula Water Management District are pleased to offer a comprehensive Rainwater Catchment Accredited Professional training course, August 26 and 27, 2015 at the California American Water Training Center in Monterey, California.

This two day workshop is an in-depth rainwater harvesting course required for those seeking ARCSA Accredited Professional (AP) status. This course provides attendees with knowledge for rainwater harvesting, both active and passive design and installation for both outdoor and in-home rainwater use; sanitation for potable uses; rules and regulations, guidelines and restrictions; business management; project planning; site and installation safety; and system construction and maintenance. Larger commercial systems will also be covered. The course includes a rainwater harvesting planning manual as part of the tuition.

With the ongoing water crisis in California, this workshop will focus on the Central coast and Central Valley. California residents are encouraged to attend to learn to capture stormwater, while creating additional “reservoirs” to store water for future beneficial uses. You can’t use it if you don’t store it.

Tuition is $395 for ARCSA members, $495 for non-members. There is a $120.00 rebate to residents of Monterey Peninsula Water Management District. Lunch is provided both days. Sign up early to ensure seating. To become an ARCSA Accredited Professional, there is an additional $150 testing ee and ARCSA membership is required. ARCSA membership is $75 annually. Register online here and sign up for membership here.