Pioneer Water Tanks Accessory Options

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    Standard Accessory Inclusions

    Standard Pioneer Water Tanks include exceptional accessories that prolong the life of the tank as well as improve the system to protect your water for a lifetime.

    Pioneer Water Tanks Access Hatch

    Access Hatch
    Includes our standard lockable roof access hatch for regular tank inspection or cleaning. We also offer multiple sidewall access hatches as well as platform options for commercial projects.

    Pioneer Water Tanks bolt strip covers

    Bolt Strip Covers
    Fully concealed structural bolts provide you with a smooth and tamper-free panel joint. These unique vertical seams reinforce the strength of the tank and increase the integrity of your water tank.

    Standard Outlet
    One standard polyethylene outlet and shut off valve is included with each Pioneer Water Tank. It can be easily connected to most piping with the option to replace it with our full line of outlets and valves.

    Removable Basket
    One thousand-count mesh basket is included for filtered water intake that filters out leaves and other debris contaminates.

    Pioneer Anodes Magnesium

    Sacrificial Anodes
    One set of sacrificial magnesium anodes for additional corrosion protection are included. Made with magnesium, the anodes take on corrosion from the tank through electrolysis, much how anodes work for boats. They prolong the life of the tank and should be replaced every five to ten years based on the conditions.

    Standard Ladder
    All Pioneer tanks come with one standard ladder, bracket, and access hatch. The ladder can be removed from the bracket or kept on for easy access.

    Pioneer Water Tank overflow pipe

    Overflow Pipe
    Our six-inch diameter overflow connection and down piping are the largest in the market. Designed to exceed overflow requirements for multiple applications, the infill rate won’t exceed the capacity to avoid costly issues.


    Tank Liner
    Exclusive Pioneer Water Tanks’ AQUALINER© Fresh tank liner is included to protect your water, BPA, and taste-free with a 65-year lifespan.

    Pioneer Water Tanks Accessory Options

    Pioneer Water Tanks Offer a Wide Line of Accessories for Multiple Applications


    Add value to your Pioneer Water Tank with top-quality options that integrate with the system. Our accessory options are tested and proven for accuracy for their projected use and can be custom-tailored to meet your water storage needs.

    Fascia kit for Pioneer Water Tanks

    Fascia Kit
    The fascia kit is designed for safety and overall aesthetics. The fascia top siding covers all around the top of the tank to cover the sharp roof edges.

    Brass outlets Brass valves

    Brass Outlets and Valves
    Brass outlets and valves are recommended for Pioneer fire protection systems to eliminate any plastic fittings from the exterior tank walls, and for some commercial applications. We offer multiple diameters and nozzles.

    Floating suction filter

    Floating Suction Filter
    The optional suction strainer floats about 12 Inches below the surface of the water, removing the cleanest water from the tank. It provides some protection for your pump from foreign objects. The floating ball is made of polyethylene and the filter is stainless steel that threads into the 2-Inch Pioneer standard tank outlet.

    Liquidator 2 water level gauge

    Liquidator 2 Water Level Gauge
    The Liquidator 2 gauge uses a weighted float and indicator that are connected to a counterweight by separate cords, with each cord running over a pair of pulleys. The indicator matches the water level exactly based on the movement of the pulley system.

    Fire Protection Options

    Firefighting Adapters and Nozzles


    We offer a full line of firefighting accessories, that comply with NFPA standards for private fire protection. Our network can also help with local permitting and compliance requirements with our engineering packages based on the project needs.

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    Commercial Pioneer Water Tanks Options

    Commercial Accessories for Pioneer Water Tanks

    It’s important that residential and commercial water projects have the necessary equipment for the project. We offer standard and optional accessory product lines for water storage systems as well as engineering packages for permitting.

    Pioneer Water Tanks are Ready to be Customized to Your Needs

    The following is an image of an example custom system with a Pioneer Water Tank. The optional commercial accessories are specified per engineering.

    Commercial water storage tanks Pioneer Water Tanks

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