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Water Systems for a Sustainable Future
Coastal California's Leader in Sustainable Water Design & Construction

California's water landscape is changing at this very moment. Let WaterMark h2o be your guide.

These are new times. We will collect, conserve and reuse water in ways we've never thought possible. WaterMark's unique designs, incorporating Pioneer® Water Tanks, allow you to have an abundance of water for fire protection, domestic supply, irrigation water and more. Let WaterMark incorporate rainwater harvesting into your design so the water you need to fill up your tank will be of no extra cost to you once the system is up and running.
Meet Watermark h2o

People you can trust.

Watermark h2o delivers residential and commercial water systems with well over 30 years of experience. With design and installation of rainwater harvesting as well as gray-water recycling systems, Watermark brings water sustainability to California. Watermark is an authorized dealer of Pioneer® tank systems as well as installation experts so that your system will last a lifetime. Having a Pioneer® Water Tank system is a sustainable investment that brings assurance as well as lowering the costs of water use.

The Watermark Permaculture Landscape Design Team works to fulfill your exact needs. Ranging from a simple rainwater harvesting system to a more complex system requiring plumbing and electrical work, Watermark works with a range of homeowners and commercial applications. Contact the professionals at Watermark h2o to begin developing your sustainable solution.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Design and installation, customized to your needs, using top of the line Pioneer® water tanks.

Gray-water Systems

Re-using water makes sense. WaterMark designs both residential and commercial greywater systems.

Fire Protection Tanks

With the issues of drought and fires that could effect your home or business, a Pioneer water tank is assurance of a water source available to you.

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Professional and Conscientious

Watermark contractors build based on sustainable practices, focused on creating the most efficient of systems.
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Tank Code US Gallons Diameter Height
XL 01 3,249 8' 10" 7' 2"
XL 04 4,990 11' 0" 7' 2"
XL 08 9,907 15' 5" 7' 2"
XL 13 14,985 19' 9" 7' 2"
XL 15 20,243 22' 0" 7' 2"
XL 23 29,093 26' 4" 7' 2"
XL 30 39,626 30' 9" 7' 2"
XL 40 51,785 35' 2" 7' 2"
XL 50 65,567 39' 6" 7' 2"
XL 50/3 ring 97,148 39' 6" 10' 7"

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