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July 5, 2017
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Santa Rosa California Water Rebates
August 10, 2017
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Santa Monica Rainwater Rebates

Santa Monica California rainwater collection rebates

Santa Monica, California faces water scarcity head-on with financial incentives and public education. Collecting rainwater for later use is one solution in the area with rebates ranging from $200 up to $2,000 available for qualifying residents for rainwater storage. The rebate program is with the City of Santa Monica and does not apply to new developments, construction or major remodels.

The City of Santa Monica  has two steps to receiving eligibility confirmation for the program:

  1. Apply online at

  2. Email the application and a completed W-9 form to or, Attn: Water Conservation Unit—Rebate City of Santa Monica 1717 4th Street, STE 100 Santa Monica, CA 90401


Once approved, the customer name on the application will receive a rebate check through the mail. It’s important to note that the name cannot be changed once the application has been verified. Learn more about the process and requirements with the official City of Santa Monica rebate guide: here.


The rainwater collection system has a few requirements for the program:


  1. The rainwater storage tank must be connected to at least one downspout or rain chain.

  2. The rainwater storage tank cannot block or restrict access to doors, walkways, or pathways.

  3. The rainwater storage tank, must be elevated at least 6 inches above the ground (for above ground systems only) on a level and solid foundation, such as a concrete pad or blocks to provide stability and increase pressure. We offer this as an optional service for complete project management.

  4. The rainwater storage tank must have a cover and pretreatment to prevent mosquitoes, rodents, and debris from entering. Our 1000 count mesh filter baskets exceed requirements to prevent contamination of the water protected inside.

  5. The rainwater storage tank must be engineered for seismic areas or be attached to your house or building. Pioneer Water Tanks can include seismic engineering packages.

  6. Must be a City of Santa Monica Water customer Cannot be installed as part of a new development, new construction, or major remodel.

  7. The rainwater storage tank must be equipped with an overflow pipe or tube near the top of the rainwater storage system, which is at least 1 to 3 inches in diameter and directs overflow safely away from the foundation of adjacent structures. Our tanks include a 6 inch diameter overflow.

  8. The rainwater storage tank must be equipped with a spigot near the bottom of the rain tank, or must utilize a pumping system. Pioneer Water Tanks include one spigot with optional NFPA approved fire fighting adapters and much more.

  9. Rainwater storage tanks that are connected to a pressurized irrigation system require a single-trade plumbing permit from the Building and Safety Division located at City Hall. There is no permit fee.

  10. The rainwater storage tank must be maintained for a minimum of three years.

We offer large capacity rainwater storage tanks that outlast all other options. All Pioneer Water Tanks include the Aqualiner, tank liner that is BPA-Free and NSF/ANSI 61 certified for potable water storage.

Size Chart US Gallons Diameter Height
XL 08 9,907 15' 5" 7' 2"
XL 13 14,985 19' 9" 7' 2"
XL 15 20,243 22' 0" 7' 2"
XL 23 29,093 26' 4" 7' 2"
XL 30 39,626 30' 9" 7' 2"
XL 40 51,785 35' 2" 7' 2"
XL 50 65,567 39' 6" 7' 2"
XL 50/3 ring 97,148 39' 6" 10' 7"
XL 60/3 ring 108,261 41' 8" 10' 7"
XL 85/5 ring 260,267 50' 5" 17' 5"

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