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Rainwater Harvesting Rebates in Austin Texas

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The city of Austin, Texas is offering up to $5,000 in rebates for qualifying residents as well as up to $100,000 in rebates to qualifying businesses. See the rebate form

The residential rebates are up to $5,000 per site and is a lifetime limit. The limits to the rebates include:

  • Non-pressurized (no pump): $0.50 per gallon up to half of the equipment cost
  • Pressurized (has a pump): $1.00 per gallon up to half of the equipment cost

Qualifying residents may apply once a year for rainwater system expansions until the $5,000  limit is reached. The costs that may be included in the rebate are the  (materials and labor) for tank, pad, screens, filters, first-flush, and selected piping installation. Gutters, irrigation system, shipping or delivery, and auxiliary water source requirements are not included

Qualifying Factors for Rebates:
  • Must be a customer of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider
  • Must be the property owner or utility account holder
  • May not have applied in the past 12 months or reached the $5,000 limit for the site
  • Must intend to keep a system under 500 gallons in service for five years and a system 500 gallons and up in service for ten years
  • Agrees to any needed pre- and post-installation inspections by Austin Water
  • Willing to let Austin Water reference the project in outreach materials

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