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Austin Texas Rainwater Harvesting Rebates

Rainwater harvesting rebates Austin Texas

Rainwater harvesting is one part of the Texas State Water Plan by the TWDB  as an alternative water source to utility water as well as help managing stormwater, by putting it to a later use. Since rainwater collection is a solution on a state level as well as on many local levels, rebates and tax incentives are very common in Texas. The Texas Tax Code also exempts rainwater harvesting equipment and supplies from state sales tax (Texas Tax Code §151.355)


In Austin, Texas the rebates available for equipment as well as the installation of a rainwater system for a home or business are up to $5,000 per qualifying site. For rainwater systems with water storage tanks with 500 gallon capacity and larger, the project must be pre-approved with the City of Austin in order to qualify for the rebate.


  1. Must be a customer of Austin Water or another qualifying water provider in the City. See all qualifying providers.
  2. Must be the property owner or the utility account holder, with the property owner’s permission
  3. May not have applied in the past 12 months or have reached the $5,000 rainwater rebate limit for the site
  4. Must intend to keep the system in service for ten years
  5. Agrees to necessary pre and post-installation inspections by Austin Water
  6. Willing to allow Austin Water to reference the project in outreach materials
  7. Must be a new system or an expansion of an existing system
  8. Must meet City subdivision, HOA and zoning requirements, including setback and impervious cover limits
  9. Collected rainwater can’t be used for drinking
  10. Equipment must be new and intended for rainwater harvesting
  11. Metal tanks must be lined (Pioneer Water Tanks’ include the Aqualiner, known to be the best in the industry with a 65 year lifespan and certified by NSF International).
  12. Transparent tanks and pipes must be painted or enclosed
  13. Water storage tanks with 500 gallon capacities and larger must have a first-flush diversion system and a level base made of gravel, sand or concrete. A first-flush system diverts the start of rainwater before it enters the water storage tank since there’s a possibility of contaminates from the gutter system. Once this first-flush runs through and is diverted, the rainwater will then run clean into the tank.


Get started with Harvested Rain Solutions located at 11183 Circle Dr Suite D, Austin, TX 78736. HRS’ owner, Ron Van Sickle is a Texas State Licensed Irrigation Contractor and can help with the full development of an rainwater system from collection to use. Ron has helped many Austin residents benefit from this rainwater rebate to have a rainwater system implemented at their home, from design to installation with a maintenance guarantee.


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What's Next?

We will contact you to start designing a rainwater system for your specific needs. If you need less than 500 gallons of capacity, you may be referred for a rainwater barrel solution! Thank you for joining the rainwater community in Austin, Texas.